Hi!, I'm Van Alfred

Hello thank you for visiting my website. I guess you are interested or you just accidentally click the link. By the way I'm Van Alfred a programmer from the Philippines! So let me share a little bit about my background. First I have a degree in Information Technology I graduated on the year 2016. So after graduating I was able to work in a start up company, my position on the company is graphics designer/designer. So basically what I was doing is I create mock ups, logo's and banners for some marketing events. I only work with the company for 3 months because I was not happy with the environment. After resigning I tried to apply for a junior developer position but I was not succesful on landing a job because I still don't have enough experience, so which leads me to apply other jobs not related to my course. My second job is a call center agent I've work as an agent for almost 9 months I learn to improve my communiction skills and learn to handle different situations since I'm a customer service representative. After leaving the callcenter life finally my third job is related to my field. I was offered a junior fullstack developer position in a start up company which my former Professor in college owns. So basically this will be the real deal since I really want to be a programmer. So I grab the opportunity and get the job, I was very happy and very eager to learn. So now I'm still working with the company we are using REACT NATIVE for our front-end, NODE.JS for our back-end using a package called HAPI JS , database that we used is MONGO DB and we are using GIT for our versioning. Also let me share you about the tools we are using so on our agile method we are using JIRA Atlassian on dividing the tasks for each sprint, we are also using SLACK for communicating and collaborating with other people in the company. For now I'm a fulltime developer and also let me not forget to introduce to you our product which is a lifestyle app for both locals and travellers, the app is called streetby which you can download from App store and Play Store. Even though I'm working 8 hours a day for my regular job I'm still open for Part-Time jobs. I've experience working online with the help of www.upwork.com I was already hired 2 times using upwork my duties are just doing html and css and also using react-native. I'm very happy to experience and improve my skill. For now I know that I still have much more to learn so feel free to contact me I'm very open for small projects.